Our Engagement in Thailand and Myanmar


We set ourselves in strongly for refugees and migrant children in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma),  working closely with our partners on the front with regular visits to our projects.

Warm clothing and healthy food

We invest directly as emergency help in Thailand and Myanmar.  Through teams on the front emergency help is organized supplying clothing, blankets, food and medicine.  Following floods, the rice fields for independent supply are rebuilt.


Together with HWF or Philanthropy Connections we likewise invest in projects outside of their regular budget such as the rebuilding of the infrastructure following natural catastrophes, supplying the schools with equipment, building hospitals, school huts, fountains and sanitary stations.

Safe Transportation

Teachers often drive the children back and forth to school, sometimes consuming up to 8 hours a day purely for transport.  Some of the vehicles are in a miserable condition while lacking the necessary funds for repairs.  We supply new, safe vehicles or finance the transport via bus.

Mae La refugee camp

Mae La refugee camp is one of the larger refugee camps on the border of Myanmar where children lacking refugee status receive little official help.  We support these children through HWF by supplying them with clothing, blankets, shoes, rice, fruit, vitamins, calcium, and hygiene articles.  In the meantime the school system is sufficiently supported.    

Health Post Km33

Health Post Km33 named in honor of the baby boy who died in the school bus accident in 2013, provides a safe place 33 Km from Mae Sot where women can give birth and bring their babies for healthcare.

The station has two rooms, is free of insects and is equipped with a clean tile floor.  The electricity is provided by solar energy, the sanitary facilities separate.

Winter Packages

Through the Organization Philanthropy Connections we support the ‘Winter Packages’ action through which ‘Creating Balance Thailand’ (CBT) runs.   This foundation supplies those living in mountain villages in the north of Thailand where the temperature can drop below freezing in winter with blankets and warm clothing which many families cannot afford.

Orphanage Heavenly Home

A married couple care for the orphanage in Mae Sot on the side of regular work in order to finance their charges.  We partially support the special needs for fruit, vitamins, milk, detergent, etc.  The older children attend the state school during the day. For the most part all the children mainly take care of themselves.

Hope School

The schoolchildren of the Hope School belong to a minority group in Thailand, the Hmong, who migrated to Thailand from China over 2000 years ago.  An idiosyncrasy of the school is its’ location in the middle of a bamboo forest.  The parents of the children are farm workers in the close vicinity.  Many of the children suffer from malnutrition.  We support in coordination with Help Without Frontiers (HWF) the basic supplies such as blankets, clothing, vitamins, fruit and milk.  In addition we financed a new schoolhouse.

The Hope School was taken over by HWF in 2016 as it was abandoned by it’s former organization.  Many NGO’s have begun to invest directly in Myanmar (Burma) leading to a lack of financial support on the border of northern Thailand. HWF is one of the few organizations that remained.  Often the remaining organizations lack sufficient funds to continue their work and are financially overwhelmed.

Su Kho Thai School

We support the Su Kho Thai School which lies far outside of Mae Sot through HWF and finance salaries, transport, buildings and equipment.

Rose Field School

This small school we launched together with HWF for the children of workers in the fields nearby.  We financed a fountain for the provision of clean water to the community.

New Blood School

The New Blood School is a larger school in Mae Sot for Burmese migrant children.  We provide emergency help as needed and finance the salaries.  Since 2016 HWF supports the school in the frame of an emergency program.

Km42 School

The Km42 school belonging to HWF is for migrant children and lies 42 Km from Mae sot.

Tomato Village School

Tomato Village is an English school supported through Philanthropy Connections in the North of Thailand on the Burmese border.  The school children belong to minority hilltribes from the north of Thailand attending the official state schools during the day and visiting Tomato Village in order to learn English as an extracurricular activity.


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