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Help Without Frontiers

Help without Frontiers is an NGO with the aim of helping displaced Burmese people in Myanmar and Thailand.


Since 2002 Help without Frontiers has provided support along the Thai-Myanmar border to displaced persons finding themselves in an emergency situation from which they are unable to escape without assistance, most of them children and youth, giving them a chance for a better future. They fight the root causes of poverty, discrimination and violence through education, international understanding and building their capacity to help themselves. Thanks to their long lasting experience and strong network they can reach the most remote areas.



Philanthropy Connections

Philanthropy Connections is a non-profit organisation dedicated to help people in vulnerable situations. They do that by supporting local organisations who help these people build an independent, dignified life for themselves. Philanthropy Connections work with local organisations who know the problems and needs within their communities unlike any others . Local organisations  speak the language, know the culture and in such a way are ideal helpers. All  they need are the resources and contacts to find the necessary help from outside, which Philanthropy Connections can provide.



Burma Children Medical Fund

The Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) was established in 2006 in response to the increasing number of children on the Thai-Burma border who required complex medical treatment and surgery that is not available at local clinics or hospitals. Prior to BCMF being

established, children who required surgery had their symptoms treated and lived either severely incapacitated lives or died prematurely as a result.




Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation

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