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Brodtbeck Philanthropy is a private nonprofit foundation based in Switzerland. The foundation’s aim is to help people in need. The main focus lies in helping children and providing them with an education in order to reach a sustainable improvement in living conditions for them and their families. Brodtbeck Philanthropy mainly supports selected aid organizations that operate on location.


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The nonprofit foundation Brodtbeck Philanthropy helps people in need worldwide.  

Decisive factors for support are actual emergency situations such as famine, disease, abuse and poverty, as well as the absence of aid organizations, the lack of places of refuge and missing infrastructure.  


In the ideal case the supported projects are sustainable for the entire community, sensible both ecologically and economically and free of religious influence.


Safeguarding children is important to us, as they are the first to suffer from grievances. They are defenseless and prone to exploitation of every kind. Furthermore education and facilitation of children and adolescents increases the chances of a long-term and sustainable improvement in the prospects of entire communities.  


We support Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide development aid and emergency relief. We search for direct access. Donations act 100% on location, with minimal administrative expenses. Decisions are taken rapidly, efficiently and straightforwardly. We act based on personal knowledge of the conditions on location, as well as on information from our trusted contact persons and local communities. We respect local customs, authorities and laws.


As an organization we discretely provide a link between donors and institutions that share our goals.


In Switzerland, due to the nonprofit determination in the aims of the foundation, voluntary donations to Brodtbeck Philanthropy qualify as tax deductions.




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Donations can be deducted from Swiss tax.


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