HomeBased Learning Update

HomeBased Learning has reached its 7th day. The children learn through activities like the unusual situation we find ourselves in. The children are happy to meet their teachers (although not every day which is to be expected). They feel secure in that they will not be left behind. The teachers try to adapt new techniques to deliver compact lessons to the children so they learn as much as possible in under the present-day limitations.


As an example, during a lesson covering the various parts of the tree, the teacher pulled the tree from the ground and the students could learn from a real example. Small children learning about leaves could walk around the house, exploring which ones they can find which are like the ones in the textbook. It is a way of learning where the children learn through real experiences. They were provided with a seed pack, which they planted and will be able to actually eat later on. Many children tried turning an identical rope into a creative piece of art.


Every day the same lesson from the same book is taught,  but teachers are invited to teach in their own style, leveraging their particular expertise. Considering the limited resources available and the teachers being available for 7 days, it shows the determination, dedication and the heart the teachers have in wanting the children to remain in the learning track!.


Next week, the Thai government schools will open, and most of the Thai children who enrolled in Thai public schools can go back to school. Migrant children in the Migrant Learning Center, however, still have to continue to study in small groups, in the community or at home. It is going to be a challenge for everyone. We have to think about what kind of educational activities can be arranged. What resources are needed? And how much costs will that incur.


We need to wait until October for the the MLCs to start to operate again. We have to develop a learning guide for 2 and a half months (2 weeks of July, August and September) for many thousands of children. We wonder who can help? Alternatively we've considered  raising funds again. The books that the children need is a photocopy to save costs. Who else has good ideas to help us here?


Meanwhile the "Food Set for Life" distribution doesn't stop. Over the past 24–26 days, the team has delivered hand-over kits to our mother communities Huai Skull and Huai Mae Paen, amounting to 241 families, bringing the round 2 total to 713 families. The overall total amount of families served since November 2019 is 1,974.


We will have a present a report on the situation, the problems we faced and how we can continue to help the community, the children and the families on June 29 (Tomorrow) at 10:30 am-12:00pm. Anyone who is interested is invited to listen to the online channel.