Update (05.06.2020)

Dear friends,


Thank you so much to all of those who have come out to support us during these trying times. We are honoured and proud to say that our emergency COVID-19 fundraising efforts have resulted in an additional CHF 40'000 from private contributions.


We will be coordinating closely with Help Without Frontiers on how to best allocate these funds to alleviate the situation for those most in need. You can follow their daily efforts on our blog.


Thank you again.

Urgent! COVID-19 impact on displaced people

Dear valued Philanthropists,


I urgently appeal to you with the following situation at hand. Since 2002 Help Without Frontiers (HwF) has been working to support displaced people from Myanmar in Thailand.


These displaced people and their families arrived in Thailand after fleeing the civil war in Myanmar. Although the situation in their home country has improved, they are unable to return as rudimentary living conditions can still not be guaranteed.


Left with no other option, many make ends meet through informal means. In some cases selling groceries, in other cases illegal work in factories and on the fields. 

The impact of COVID-19 and the government mandated lockdown has wiped out many of these sources of income. The Thai government's emergency relief plan has focused its efforts predominantly on its own citizens. As a result many displaced families have become completely reliant on humanitarian aid for their survival.


In the past HwF has supported these communities by supporting their schools. However, in the wake of COVID-19 immediate survival has become their most pressing need.



To address this risk HwF has identified the families most at risk to the implications of COVID-19 and is assembling emergency food packages that will be distributed among them.


HWF is a relatively small organisation and the circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have severely strained their operations as well as their ability to raise the funds they require.


We urge you sincerely to support this organisation directly or through us in an effort to secure the future of these children. Even the smallest donations are desperately needed and appreciated. Please forward this appeal. Donations via Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation can be deducted from tax in Switzerland.


Peter Brodtbeck

Founder & President of the Board


For further information please visit



Help Without Frontiers Emergency Response
This document details HwF's emergency response.
HwF COVID Emergency Response (EN).pdf
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