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Valued Philanthropists, urgently I appeal to you with the following situation at hand.


In Thailand, directly on the Burmese border, the organization Help Without Frontiers (HWF) has been working since 2002.  They support 14 schools at the present with a total of 3’850 school children.


The parents of the children wandered decades ago from Myanmar (Burma) as refugees into Thailand due the devastating civil war in their homeland.


The refugees are either living in a refugee camp, or in an effort to survive are exploited under the most difficult conditions as illegal laborers in the fields or factories. Often adult refugees opened simple schools where they taught and raised their own children. The schools have a high status in the communities. They are often a family replacement and care for the basic safety and needs of the children.


Non Government Organizations such as HWF support these schools financially and supply them with vital information regarding hygiene, nourishment, basic medical knowledge in addition to basic education. They educate the teachers and oversee the children in an effort to have their attendance at school rather than being exploited in the adult world as laborers. Only when the children's school attendance doesn't become an additional burden on the family is it at all possible.


Due to the positive but young political movement in the present, many organizations and financial supporters have begun to invest directly in Myanmar.  Others have been forced to reduce or discontinue their support due to the world financial crisis.

In spite of the improved conditions in Myanmar at the present, it is impossible for the former refugees to return to their native land. Myanmar is on a positive way but lacks the necessary infrastructure and basic living conditions.



For this reason the families and especially the children remaining in Thailand are more destitute than ever! Many schools on the border have been closed and many former school children, having lost their status as students, stand before the threat of abandonment, black work in the fields or destitution on the streets with no hope for a future.


HWF is one of the few organizations remaining on the border of Thailand.  These few remaining organizations in the region are trying to save 13 schools with a total of 2’850 children by extra funding in an emergency program requiring CHF 425’000 (US$ 427’800) annually. In June 2017 two further major donors of HWF will withdraw their financial support of 5 newly HWF standardised schools (meaning transparency and exclusion of double funding). The financial deficit for the schools with 1’370 students is CHF 107’000 annually.

An average school with 300 children costs approximately CHF 42’000 annually. Each child costs annually CHF 140.- excluding food and CHF 310.- including food.


HWF is a relatively small organization and in this situation overwhelmed regarding fundraising.


We urge you sincerely to support this organization directly or through us in an effort to secure the future of these children. Even the smallest donations are desperately needed and appreciated. Please forward this appeal. Donations via Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation can be deducted from tax in Switzerland.


Peter Brodtbeck

Founder & President of the Board


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